GRIOT | Sangue Misto – Sound, Identity, Representation


GRIOT | The Expats | The Untold Stories of Black Italians Abroad

Todos Y Contentos | William Kentridge, Triumphs and Laments, The Film


Anlaids | 30 anni di Anlaids al MAXXI | Anlaids’s exhibition at Maxxi Museum


SPQRally Team | Mongol Rally

T.R.I.P. Travel Routes in Photography

the trip | Travel Routes In Photography

Friends In Kitchen| William Kentridge al Maxxi

TEVERETERNO | Kentridge Live on The Tiber

Vice on Sky tg 24

Vice on Sky Tg 24 | Launch Party

carhartt brand book launch party

Carhartt Brand Book | Launch Party

nastro azzurro say yes to it

Nastro Azzurro | Nastro Say Yes To it

Mit Festival Snob

MIT | Meet in Town Festival