GRIOT | Sangue Misto – Sound, Identity, Representation.

Sangue Misto was a GRIOT x Jazz:Re:Found Festival event aimed at celebrating and amplyfing the voice of African Italian artists.

The event was split in two appointments: ‘Sangue Misto (Mixed Blood) Appuntamento ai Marinai‘ and ‘Sangue Misto (Mixed Blood) Sound, Identity, Representation

The first meeting, Appuntamento ai Marinai (Rendez-vouz at Marinai Square) explored the Italian-Eritrean community in Milan with the exclusive international première of the homonymous documentary by Ariam Tekle, and was followed by a live Skype Q/A from NY with the author (moderated by Johanne Affricot).

In the second one, Sangue Misto – Sound, Identity and Representation we explored togehter with David Blank, Tommy Kuti, Mudimbi, Technoir, Vhelade, the artistic output, the socio-political aspects, the representation and the horizons of the contemporary Afroitalian music scene in the Italian culture.

Production | GRIOT / Concept and Art Direction
Client | Jazz:Re:Found
Year | 2016/2017

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